I wanted to say again that apart from the Facebook page, I also have a personal facebook, for those of you that would rather send private messages, this is it. I’m always here for you, and I’ll try to help you in anything you need.

And my twitter is this one =) Let me know if you want me to follow back. Have a lovely week!!

“My little sister calls me bieber. I call and I’m like “Hiii, how are you?” and she’s like “Bieber, bieber, bieber!” And I’m like, “Do you know anything else to say?” and she’s like “Bieber!”

“I think it is unbelievably important that this film is made. Stephen receives letters regularly that say that reading ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ saved their life. I read the whole script in one sitting and it made me cry. It deals with the issues that teenagers go through, the real ones, the scary ones that no one really wants to talk about.”

“You wanna be commander in chief? You can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the United States uniform, even when it’s not politically convenient.”

President Obama, addressing all the GOP candidates, who stayed quiet as the debate crowd booed a gay soldier serving in Iraq

My 8 year old sister’s advice on boys.
  • Me: What do you do when you like a boy?
  • Sister: You tell him.
  • Me: And if he doesn’t like you?
  • Sister: You kill him.

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