Awesome People Are Lucky: This Guy Won $300 Million By Not Flipping Out on a Line Cutter

Mike Barth wasn’t paying attention on March 25 when a man ducked in front of him in line to buy a lottery ticket at Coulson’s News Center in Albany, New York. Barth was waiting to buy a ticket also, and he almost gave the man a piece of his mind before thinking better of it. “I just let it slide,” he says.

Today, Barth is a multimillionaire thanks to his level head. Because after he let that stranger take cuts, Barth stepped up and bought the winning Mega Millions ticket. Had he made a big fuss, he’d have bought the stranger’s losing ticket instead of winning a whopping $319 million—a sum he’s splitting with six coworkers.

Of course, being courteous and restrained in line won’t guarantee you’ll win the lottery. But this is a great instance in which a courteous guy didwin, and we’re happy for him.

In the Starved for Attention film “Why Do We Have To Wait For A Crisis?”photojournalist Lynsey Addario documents the food crisis in Somalia and northeastern Kenya. All children have the same nutritional needs to grow and thrive. It shouldn’t take a war or famine to occur before vulnerable children have access to a healthy diet.

This is one of 195 million stories of malnutrition. Sign the petition and donate your profile to help us rewrite the story.

From the New York Daily News:

At the corner of Maiden and Water Streets I spoke to a National Lawyer’s Guild observer who said she watched a video of a police motorcycle run over another Lawyer’s Guild observer’s leg and then saw with her own eyes that man get pushed to the ground by police, be arrested and get thrown into a police van. 

“He’s a legal observer with the National Lawyer’s Guild, he was observing the protest and he was run over by a police motorcycle,” said Zainab Akbar, 31.

Akbar said she watched the entire thing on the video camera of a protester and then watched with her own eyes the end of the incident, with the observer, whom she could only identify as ‘Ari,’ being arrested and put into the back of a police van.

“His leg was stuck under the bike and he kicked his leg to get the bike off his leg and then the police attacked him and shoved him into the ground and put a night stick against the back of his neck,” Akbar said.

This photo was taken by Joe Marino for the Daily News.  He’s one of the photographers seen in this photo allegedly just standing there, taking pictures, instead of helping. 

Now y’all know why.

Furthermore, 1010 WINS reporter Steve Sandberg (sorry, no link) has natsound of the incident, with the man, pinned under the motorcycle, screaming, in excruciating pain.



Occupy Wall Street becomes a world protest.

Starting from the top: protesters at a rally in Seoul, South Korea; masked protesters in Zurich, Switzerland; Hong Kong’s Exchange Square; the NYSE Euronext stock exchange protest in Amsterdam, where Pinocchio noses and fake euros are among the props; WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange outside the London Stock Exchange; thousands of protesters in Berlin.

The Loch Ness Monster hasn’t been confirmed, but this cyclops shark has! Scientists said the one-eye bull shark, recently discovered in the Sea of Cortez, is the real thing.

Who are the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are and what do they want? 118 randomly selected individuals were polled in New York’s Zuccotti Park on Wednesday. Not all respondents answered every question; some checked multiple answers for one question. While it’s an admittedly unscientific enterprise, the results are fascinating — and revealing. Here’s what was found:

Our poll showed that for every two 20-somethings, there was at least one person over age 60 at the park. Three-quarters of those polled had not spent a single night in Zuccotti Park, which might explain why a majority said they had showered at least four times in the past week.

Economically, the group showed some healthy balance sheets, with more than three times as many homeowners as homeless people in attendance. On the other hand, nearly 14 percent said they had more than $50,000 in debt, and the second most popular job choice, after creative fields, was “unemployed.”


Rich kids catch a lot of flak, sometimes for good reason (e.g. Donald Trump), but sometimes because people assume everyone with a trust fund is in Monaco playing baccarat, eating 10-course meals, and lighting their cigars with the pink slips of the unemployed. Some people with trust funds are doing that, of course—especially the pink slips part—but many others are not. In fact, there are a number of rich kids down in the trenches with hoi polloi at Occupy Wall Street right now, and they’ve got a new blog to prove it.

Called “We Are the 1 Percent,” the new site piggybacks off the blog “We Are the 99 Percent,” on which Americans having a hard time during the recession sound off about exactly how the financial industry and particular government machinations have caused them to lose their jobs, their homes, their sanity. We Are the 1 Percent is a bit different. While the goal is still the same—to support the elimination of income inequality in the United States—the blog’s entries are made up entirely of contributions from the super-rich. Some of the contributors inherited their money, others made a killing on the stock market, but all of them agree that it’s time to redistribute some of their fortunes to others in need. Writes one 1 Percenter, “Some people work 3 jobs just to survive. I got $3 million just for being born. We need a radical redistribution of wealth.”

As unlikely as it may seem at times, it turns out some people use their silver spoons to feed the world.



San Francisco photographer Lennette Newell snapped photos of 18 exotic animals for her“Animals” collection, including this Bengal tiger, chimpanzee, African spurred tortoise and rescued rhesus monkey.

Newell spent four years working with animal trainers and private owners to amass the photographs. Many of her subjects were rescued from illegal trading. She said she was able to capture these incredible moments by reading the creatures’ personalities.

“Many of the animals I felt very close to, and they trusted me right from the start,” Newell said.


The mother cat kept licking the kittens, hoping it would revive them. According to the family that adopted the stray cat, on the morning of the 11th when they heard the cat’s tragic cries, they rushed downstairs to discover this stray cat’s four kittens abused to death, and even placed in front of the mother cat. The kittens’ bodies were covered with bullet holes, with blood all over. One of the kittens had its neck tied with a rope and elongated, its chest cut open, heart exposed, while the other three kittens’ heads were stepped on.

Blurry pictures are probably the biggest enemy to anyone out there when it comes to picture taking. It’s something which has yet to be completely solved by cameras.

However Adobe have given a sneak preview on a new Photoshop function which will help when it comes to blurry pictures. The video really says it all, especially when it comes to the crowds reaction.

This naked mole rat might be man’s best (and ugliest) friend. Scientists think it may hold the cure to cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Now there are more reasons to be upset about your crappy service — scientists found FECAL MATTER on 1 of every 6 cell phones. YUCK.

A UK study revealed that one in six cell phones are contaminated with e-coli, the fecal-born bacteria responsible for food-poisoning, diarrhea, and other life-threatening illnesses, The Atlantic reports.

To make matters worse, 95% of the study’s participants reported that they do, in fact, wash their hands, prompting researchers to speculate that improper hand-washing — or drying — may explain the disconcertingly high presence of fecal matter.


Harpers Bazaar’s Scorsese Retrospective;
Chloe Moretz and Keanue Reeves pay tribute to the scene in Taxi Driver made famous by Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro.

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