Too many people are out there hurting for us to sit around and do nothing.

‘Forks Over Knives’ turns Russell Brand vegan
Comedian says he’s dropped the dairy after viewing documentary on how eating animal products impacts health and well-being.

Brigitte Bardot tells Japan to stop whaling
The former screen siren has joined forces with Sea Shepherd to call on Japan to halt its ‘campaign of death’ in the annual Antarctic whale hunt.

the future of this world is in our hands. shape your world. or someone else will.

Concerned New York residents are calling for an investigation after a carriage horse knelt down and died in the middle of a busy Manhattan street Sunday.

En route to Central Park near 54th and 8th Ave, a large white horse used by the NYC carriage industry knelt down and died in the middle of the road. The law enforcement unit of the New York ASPCA is one of the groups calling for an investigation telling theNew York Daily News, “The ASPCA has long believed that carriage horses were never meant to live and work in today’s urban setting.” A no-brainer for anyone who knows anything about horses, but still the industry persists.

Horses in the NYC carriage industry are forced to work nine hours a day in almost every weather condition. They spend their entire lives pounding their sensitive hooves on hard pavement while they navigate some of the most reckless and dangerous traffic conditions. At the end of their lives, when they’ve been worked to exhaustion, many are sold to slaughterhouses where they are butchered and sold for meat.

The life of a carriage horse is no walk in the park. If they don’t die the streets, these gentle and caring horses are worked to the brink of death and slaughtered all to turn a quick buck for their owner.

Enough is enough, end the use of carriage horses now.

Americans spend a scary amount of money on Halloween. This year, we’ll treat ourselves to $6.9 billion worth of costumes, candy and decorations — including $310 million for pet costumes alone. Even more frightful: We consume an average of 24.7 pounds of candy each year, most of it around Halloween.


73 million sharks are killed for their fins, annually. 

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