“To the people taking my life, May God have mercy on your souls, may God bless your souls. To the McHale family; I am not responsible for what happened that night. I did not have a gun. I did not kill your son, brother, father. I am innocent.”
Troy Davis’ last words

May his soul rest in Peace.

Andy Samberg takes the stage at Facebook’s F8 event as Mark Zuckerberg.

Click through to watch live.

 Lindsay Lohan @ V Magazine’s Black & White Ball in New York, September 14, 2011

Burberry’s Tweetwalk rocked: looks premiered on Twitter before the runway, and it worked. Bigtime. More at Mashable.

A meat processor in Victoria, Australia, is telling ABC that recently released undercover video of meat industry practices have caused their sales to severely drop.

The processor reports a drop of 15-20% in sales since undercover videos of Australia’s live cattle export industry surfaced. The videos show widespread abuse of Australian cattle exported to Indonesia for slaughter. Workers in Indonesian slaughterhouses were following “standard operating procedures” when they were caught tying cattle with crude ropes and slitting their throats while they flop on the ground.

These images have disturbed Australians and many are reducing the amount of meat they consume. Amazingly, the 15-20% decrease accounts not only for beef but for other meats like lamb. Meat processor, Robert Radford, calls the dropping Australian meat sales a “real tragedy for our industry.”

The real tragedy is that consumers are deliberately kept in the dark so they’ll continue to purchase an unethical product. When people have the facts and are able to make informed choices, it is a triumph.

Next time you spot a beetle and someone says “so what it’s just a harmless beetle” show them this video and then run screaming into the night forever.

“That skinny guy from all the teen comedies” DJ Qualls took to Twitter today to complain about a beating he allegedly sustained at the hands of a Vancouver police officer.

According to Qualls, he was witness to a street fight and attempted to provide the arresting officer with information on the attackers when he was tackled and handcuffed. “I was handcuffed and bleeding while the cop kept saying to me, ‘you think you’re f*cking better than me?,” Qualls recounted.

The actor says he suffered multiple injuries and had to visit the ER, from which he was later discharged with an $800 medical bill. “Free healthcare, Canada?,” the Dobby lookalike quipped.

When Twitter users pointed out to Qualls that he was not Canadian and therefore not entitled to free healthcare, he retorted: “I know Im not Canadian. I do pay taxes here, When my civil rights are violated and I am injured, should I pay for that? Would u?”

Asked to clarify the comment about paying taxes, Qualls, who is in town on movie-related business, said “when I work here, I pay taxes to the Canadian government.”

Qualls says his “tiny penis got injured,” and is looking for the offending officer and Vancouver PD to foot the ER bill. Vancouver PD responded via Twitter to say the incident was being investigated.

West Hollywood is officially the first city in the country to ban the sale of fur.

The West Hollywood City Council has voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur within city limits. Any store caught selling fur products after the ban is in place will be hit with a serious fine. The City Council will meet in two weeks to work out enforcement procedures and a ban start date.

The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce intends to battle the ban, telling press, “We feel it’s unconstitutional.” The Chamber worries about the effect the ban may have on the local economy. Forty-seven percent of all clothing retailers in West Hollywood sell fur and 7 percent of those say they would move out of town if the ban passed.

Fur, especially in warm Southern California, doesn’t seem like a major customer draw. To top it off, a survey earlier this year found that nearly 95 percent of people “refuse” to wear real fur. It might be time for these folks to get into a different business altogether.

Banning the sale of fur sends a strong message to consumers that they should be concerned about how fur products are produced. Whether it hurts the economy or not, in the end, banning fur is right thing to do.

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