“Young girls are told you have to be the delicate princess. Hermione taught them that you can be the warrior.”

Emma Watson

David Letterman: Did it happen, did you have a shot of something and….look, you either did and you liked it or you didn’t and you didn’t like it.
Emma: I mean it is-I mean there-there are substances, I mean…Whisk- (Laughter)
Emma: I’m dying here! Can we move on?! I don’t wanna talk about…
David: Let me help you out here. Have you ever had anything to drink?
Emma: Have I ever had anything to drink….Yes! Yes I have! I’ve gotten very very drunk once in my life, as everyone does!
David: That’s all I’m looking for!
Emma: Um…um…y’know…that’s all you wanted! Fine! I’ve got drunk! I have been drunk! And…I’ll bow to that. [x]


Interviewer: Is it kind of bittersweet cause this is the end, this is the last one.
Tom: Yeah, I mean, don’t remind me man, you’re gonna choke me up.

David: Tonight is the premiere here in New York City right?
Emma: Yes.
David: It will be different than the London premiere or about the same?
Emma: Um, it will be different. It’s always different because it’s a very different, it’s a different audience. The London audience tends to be a bit more reserved, and uh…
David: Americans are dumb! Right?
Emma: Nooooooo! No! They’re a lot warmer. Some sort of audience you know come up and say, “Well, that was very good.” And then you know you’ll get the American one, “That was awesome! THAT WAS AWESOME!” … As much as I love being in the UK, that’s the kind of response you wanna get to a movie.

Interviewer: If you could have played anyone else who would you have played?
Tom: Hermione and Hagrid.  Other than that, I just can’t see myself play anyone else.
Interviewer: -laughing- Hermione? Why Hermione?
Tom: Well I just thought I’d be a brilliant Hermione.  I mean, I thought Emma was great but I think I would’ve brought something deeper.  No I’m just kidding.
Interviewer:  But you would’ve had to kiss Ron Weasley at the end.
Tom: Well that’s the reason I would want to! Rupert’s a dashing lad and I’ve been trying to get on him for years but no go.


Evanna you are precious

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